Sidewall conveyor belt

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When the field is limited to a large inclination or need to enhance the material, in order to prevent the transportation of materials scattered, usually choose large angle conveyor corrugated 0-90 degrees at any angle to run, and allowed to carry a lot of heavy-duty transport.
Can make all kinds of bulk materials to 0-90 degrees inclination for any continuous conveyor having a conveyor inclination to fight, for a wide range of small footprint, no transshipment point, reduce land investment, low maintenance costs, transmission capacity and other characteristics. Solve the ordinary conveyor belt conveyor angle can not be achieved. Meanwhile corrugated sidewall conveyor belt can be designed as a complete delivery system to avoid intermittent lift system delivery and complex delivery on request.
Widely used in transportation port, metallurgy, electric power, coal, building materials, foundry, food, chemical and other fields of materials.
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