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High Speed LED Chip Shooter (M3)

The 3rd-generation M3 multi-function chip Mounter is developed by joint efforts of all ETA R & D team at home and abroad, drawing on the basis ideas of advanced placement machines, it implements high speed, stability and accuracy operation. The 3rd-generation M3 chip mounter meets the high-density, reliability, miniaturization, multi-encapsulation, large capacity, high precision characteristics requirement of LED field, perfectly dealing with components 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, LED 3014/3528/5050/5630, diodes, transistors, SOP and other packaging components, effectively improving the accuracy and efficiency.
ETA unique mounting pressure control system, full closed-loop mount control system in Z-axis placement process to ensure the effective height and placement accuracy.
  • 9001

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