SMT Full-Auto Stencil Printer

Product ID: Stencil Printer

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Product Introduction:

1. Product Functions:

CL-1200 a high precision automatic solder paste printer designed for high precision screen printing or stencil printing in SMT industry.

2. Product Features:

a) Support wide spectrums of PCB size from 50mm x 50mm to 1200mm x 340mm and PCB thickness from 0.6mm to 6mm.

b) High printing resolution:

1. High positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; printing accuracy 0.03mm.

2. Support glue printing

c) Automatic control improves production efficiency, controls quality and saves production cost:

1. Automatic stencil positioning;

2. Automatic PCB location calibration

3. Automatic adjustment of squeegee pressure;

4. Automatic printing;

5. Automatic stencil cleaning (dry-type, wet-type);
  • 9001

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