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Semi Automatic SMT Tape Splice Tool

Product ID: es0701

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Semi Automatic SMT Tape Splice Tool

Semi Automatic Tape Splice Tool used for all carrier tape with precise usage to avoid much material consumption.


1. Efficiency : Install 20 clips at a time for 20 joints with best conenience and highest efficiency ;
2. Reliability : No Scrapped copper frame side, copper clips slide smoothly for sucssful jiointing with high reliablility.
3. Safety: No frame side left so high safety. Precise positioning, easy to operate, avoid to hurt hands. stapler splicing tool uses new frame clip which will not hurt operators hand.
5. No patent issues with our new stapler splicing tool / clip.
6. Very easy for beginners ,quick connnection to reel,improving production efficiency
7.By non-stop operation in SMT lines
8.Apply for all kinds of reels

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