BBM-X380C Professional Drone With 1080P HD Camera And 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal

Product ID: BBM-X380C

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Spec :
Brand Name: XK
Item NO.: BBM-X380C
Diagonal Length:376mm
Matierial:PC and ABS
Flying time:22-25min
Control distance:1000m
1080P HD camera
2 axis brushless gimbal
Battery:11.1V 5400mAh 20C
Motor:2212 950/KV *4pcs

1.GPS level of plus or minus 0.5 meters
2.High pressure on Vertical plus or minus 0.5 meters
3.The compass Ordinary headless mode
4.An automatic take - off
5.The tactile/return automatically
6.Two levels of low voltage protection/landed safely
7.Two axial brushless gimbal
8.1080 p HD sport camera
9.22 minutes duration
10.One key to take off,one key to land
11.Remote control distance of 1000 meters

Packing Details:
1pcs quadcopter
1pcs TX
1pcs charger
4pcs blades
1pcs li-po battery
1pcs card reader
1pcs data line
1pcs 2 axis brushless gimbal
1pcs 1080P camera
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