Regenerative burner

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Basic Working Principle:
A pair of burners which cycle to work alternately are utilized to heat the combustion-promoting air, and reserve heat from exhaust gases. When one of regenerative burners is combusting, the other is exhausting furnace gases. Then exhaust gases pass through the body of regenerative burner body and into a media case containing refractory material. The refractory media is heated by the exhaust gases, and therefore recover and accumulate energy from products of flue. When the media bed is fully heated, the regenerative burner currently on fire is turned off and starts to exhaust the flue products and the other regenerative burner starts to combust. combustion-promoting air passes through the media bed and is heated by the hot refractory. In such a way, preheated air temperature within 300°F - 500°F of the furnace are achieved, leading to rather high thermal efficiency.
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