3000M long range laser IR night vision PTZ camera 60X 750mm HD lens for forest fire detect

Product ID: AK-L535

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What can I do with this 60X super big lens? also we have 1000mm lens longer than 60X lens, we use this big guns in vessel traffic monitoring&command systems, borderlines security, forest fire prevention, city safety high point viewing and so on, you must have more way to use this big one, so if you need dont be shy like young Chinese ladies, just call me Tom Tom Tom!!!
With 60X optical zoom, laser power: 25W, Full screen clear monitor range is3000Min the complete lightless environment.
Laser light spot saving patent technologies. Light spot can be user-defined and save in memory. (Patent)
HPLM laser mirror assembly ensures prefect optical axis alignment.
Adopting multiple leading technologies, mainly FTIS, ATPC, high-efficiency and precision constant circuit design to ensure the long life of the laser.
Military A grade big power laser, adopting BRP the homogenization technology, laser expected life is above 20,000 hrs.
Synchronized zoom function
  • ISO9001

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