1500m laser night vision PTZ with 35X big lens for large area cctv security surveillance

Product ID: AK-M315

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Yo yo yo~~~ I am back here again, this time is the same 1500m long range laser night vision PTZ, some of you will ask my Tom since you have the 8.5~323mm auto-focus lens why you bring the big shot and without auto-focus after all? OK let me explain this, first is the size of camera sensor,1/1.8 is much bigger than 1/2.5 sensor, with the same full HD revolution the unit for each pixels is bigger which means a better sensitivity, and the result is a clearer picture you can get in dark situation, secondary the manual focus lens also much bigger than the auto-focus one, the size of 350mm can be double times as the 323mm in diameter, near 4 time in area, times of light in obviously this big shot can have much more better night vision picture for you ~ WANNA KNOW MORE? CALL ME DONT BE SHY!!!
With 33X optical zoom, laser net-output power: 12W, Full screen clear monitor range is1500Min the complete lightless environment.
Laser light spot saving patent technologi
  • ISO9001

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