High Frequency Induction Heater(KIH-05A)

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Main features:
1, MOSFET power apparatus are applied in our first generation current-changing control technology.
2, Small and light weight.
3, Simple to operate,take only minutes to master
4, Easy to install,connecting power and cooling water can be done in a few minutes.
5,The power and time of heating and retaining are adjustable to improve quality and simplify operation.


Type KIH-05A
Work power Single phase 220V 50HZ-60HZ
The range of operating voltage 180V-250V
Output power 5KW
Fluctuating frequency 100-250KHZ
Output current 100-500A
Timing(Heat time,Retain time,Cool time) 1-99S
The flow rate of cooling water 0.06-0.12Mpa 7.3L/Min
Water temperature protection point 40℃
Duty cycle 100% (40degree room temperature)
Weight 20kg
Size 180*330*410mm

Drill tip heat shaping
Heat treatment
Soldering and brazing
  • CE;CCC

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