OA intelligent access floor for modern buildings

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Description: Full steel, independent for corners support structure. Lower plate is ST14 stretched plate, surface is SPCC hard steel painted with conductive anti-static resin, foaming cement in filled, lock hole in four corners. Pedestal is pressured forming with galvanized or cast aluminum, lead screw can be adjusted at discretion.
1. Whole steel combination framework with strong intention and shockproof ability
2. High size precision and good interchangeability
3.Fireproofing, waterproof and dust-proof
4.The four sides are fixed very well to avoid moving of floor with good walking feel.
5.The mould of outlet interface is molding; it is easy to wiring and the installation of earth socket is more convenient.
6.The nether part can be used as airiness for air-conditioning.
7.For the overweight equipment, it can solve the overload problem only with adding bracket under the floor.
8.Convenient dismounting and it can be repeated used.

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