DC voltage regulator Valeo alternator ZKG-2A

Product ID: ZKG-2A

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 DC voltage regulator Valeo alternator voltage regulator ZKG-2A
Digital SCR voltage regulator “ZKG-2A series” based on single-chip computer as the core are designed to adjust load voltage continuously by phase-shift trigger, which is fit for temperature control of bottle blowing machine or other mechanical equipments. Due to the use of deep voltage negative feedback, “ZKG-2A series” have exceptional stabilized voltage property, well linearity control function, and can minimize the effects of electric network fluctuation.
ZKE- 2A series have the built-in LED which can display output voltage. This new design has special advantages, such as high accuracy, good shock-resistant, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability, small overall dimensions, light weight, clear reading, no parallax, remote viewing result and so on.
ZKE- 2A series have pushbutton switches which are operationally simple and reliable

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