Dirt Reel of Bean cleaning machine

Dirt Reel of Bean cleaning machine

Mung Bean Cleaning Machine

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Kingshine has been a leader in bean cleaning line for many years.

The Kingshine mung bean cleaning line is make up of
dirt reel, air cleaning destoner, cluster cutting, washing, snippers and unsnipped bean removers.

It is deal with variety of beans, like pinto, black bean, lentils, garbanzo, navy, ect, even after triple cleaning, flotating and destoning is necessary too.

The mung bean cleaning line is mainly installer for runing dry beans or rehydrated beans.

The processing technology of bean cleaning line is usually: once to twice sieving and destoning, magnetic separating, twice polishing, then classificating and finally packing the mung bean.

The mung bean cleaning line have a better effect, just refer to this data:
Impurities content ≤ 1%
Grain impurity≤0.5%
mung beans peeling rate≤90%

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