Yes-Hiphn Technology Co.; Ltd
The brand “Belophn” is belongs to Yes-Hiphn Technology Co.; Ltd and has the own technology property right.
Res-Hiphn is specializing in the R&D of new products, also service for the area of communication, digital, electronics, etc.
The Dr. Liujunfeng leads the youth, elite, specialized team to design the innovation, fashion, practical used products.
The new tech. apply for :
Dr.liu is the owner of the Hairline Texture Glass technology ,which widely used in Samsung products, such as T9300 surface design.
9H Flexible Glass –the new material is innovated by Sony INc, which spend a lot of future and many times and which first used in explosion proof of cell phone .
We did strategy cooperation with supplier material , we found series of new products after use the new technology ,such as camera ,brand logo are applied by the top-rated brand . At present, our company developed the Flexible Glass protective film is the latest products.
Yes-Hiphn is a whole body contained with development, manufacture, design , sales . we catch the hot spot with the market and concerned about the innovation , explore the inner particular ,provided the accessories products for computer , digital and mobile industry , in order to make our digital life more wonderful and provide market chance for our customer .
After we first found Beloph , we provided good quality with personnel innovation , life viewpoint, innovation technology design, we set a brand flag in the area of mobile products ,computer and digital electronics .
Service concept
We strictly managed from the raw material ,product design ,manufacture flow ,product display ,customer service ,to ensure the Beloph product no defects and make your get the first market chance .
Started from technics, applied for market, insisted on heart , innovated and no limit , Beloph bring you to explore more wonderful and extremely experience .

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Shenzhen China
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer
    • ODM Manufacturer
  • Markets
      North America / South America / Caribbean / West Europe / East Europe / Russia