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Angular idlers
2-track round-section mini angular idler with flange 60x62

Use: allows idling and synchronising motion transmission – ideal to
connect the format changeover bridges to each other.
Version with M6 holes on the bracket flange, which allow fastening the
idler from the inside of the structure.
State of supply 1 aluminium idler body; 1 stainless steel shaft, 2
burnished steel gears, 1 UNI6364 steel cylindrical pin, 3 bearings with
sliding gaskets, 1 polyurethane O-ring, galvanised steel nuts and bolts.
Reduction ratio i=1.
Operation: STEP BY STEP (NO continuous operation).
Max. 70 rpm; max time: 1 (min; on/off ratio=1/60).
Maintenance: not required, lubricated for life.
Standard pack: 1 piece.

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