Cable Drum Jack

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Cable drum stands
Cable Reel Stand
Application: It was applied in the supporting of cable drum.
Features: Simple operation, secure and durable.
Structure: it can be designed according to need, mechanical, hydraulic or combined type.
Horizontal placed stand (hexagonal): used for laying cables. It is fixed with wheels below, it can roll freely. Put cable reel on the rolled plate, laying cables with the rotation of the wheels. It is easy to operate.
Product No. Load capacity Plate thickness Plate dia. weight
BLFX01-1 2T 6mm φ800mm 50Kg
BLFX01-2 3T 6mm φ850mm 65Kg
BLFX01-3 4T 8mm φ1000mm 95Kg
BLFX01-4 5T 8mm φ1200mm 125Kg

Portable disassembly type cable drum stand: used for supporting of cable drums in the cable setting construction, equipped with easily braking device.
Product no. Suitable drum dia. Suitable drum width Axis dia. weight
BLFX02-1 1400-φ2100mm ≤1200mm 60mm 120kg
BLFX02-2 1600-φ2400mm ≤1200mm 76mm 180kg

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