Wire Clippers

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Blot clippers
Blot cutter
Heavy duty wire clippers
Usage an feature
Product suitable for cutting general carbon steel wire rod,bar,cable and hard copper wire.Head of high-quality carbon steel forging,the overall heat treatment,high-frequency induction hardening of blades.Less than or equal firmness HRC30,powerful shear force.
14 4-5 0.93 350
18 6-8 1.5 450
24 8-10 2.3 600
36 12-16 5.3 900
42 14-19 7.9 1050
48 16-22 8.5 1200
Matters needing attention
1.In use process should keep tong head bolts shall not be loose, If oose should tighten in time, in case
the collapse edge.
2.Unfavorable shear stiffness over HRC30 and temperature above 200 degrees of metal materials.
3.Unfavorable use pliers head instead of a hammer.

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