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Since 1980’s, Brilliant Needle Limited has provided solutions to our customers problems. Brilliant Needle has the widest range of specification and models designed to yield the highest quality needle in China.

Our felting needle, produced by 18 processes, two times the processes of ordinary needle-making factories,and every process is subjected to stringent testing, each process crafted excellence. In this way,our products are reasonable in structure, so they bring less wearing to the fiber of the fabrics and carry even fur. The needles are inflexible,wear-resisting and have long service lives. With the unique technology, we make special barb styles of the felting needle which are well received by customers.

Brilliant needle continuously develop new products to meet market demand for felting needles. We are specialized in the manufacture of perfect non-woven needles,such as air filter cloth needles,paper maker felts needles,helix dry mesh blanket needles,ceramic fiber insulati

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