marble laminated with ceramic

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Natural stone veneer(marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, onyx) laminated on ceramic.
Why we choose laminated marble

1.Light in weight----save transportation cost,more suit to building curtain wall

2.Harder than marble and granite----reduce the spoilage rate during the tranportation,installation.

3.Good ability of polution resistance.

4.Easy to control the color difference.

5.Easier for installation----cladding

6.Can be use for the ceiling panel,(traditional marble can no do it).

7.Soundproof ablility and water resistance ablility is excellent.

8.Save the cost of installation and transportation.( compare with marble or granite).
Compared with normal tiles, composite tile is lighter, higher idensity, more beautiful, wash-easy.composite tiles can be use for flooring, step, wall, window sill, countertop, etc.

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