UPVC roof sheet

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UPVC roof sheet is made of PVC, ultraviolet resistance agent and other ingredients and manufactured by advanced technology.
UPVC corrugated roof sheet is fire resistance, corrosion resistance, weather ability, heat and thermal insulation, light weight and environment-friendly. They are widely applied on the plant, workshop, factory, warehouse, temporary building, car shed, barn and so on, specially suitable for ceramic factory, chemical fertilizer warehouse, galvanized factory, printing and dyeing mill, organic solvent workshop, aluminum factory and chemical factory.

UPVC roof sheet features and advantages
Excellent corrosion resistance
UPVC anti-corrosion corrugated roof sheet is in the long term against acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals.
Excellent weathering performance
UPVC roof sheet can last over 15 years due to top layer using ultraviolet resistance materials.
  • ISO9001

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