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X-winch rope
Our X-winch rope is 12 strand winch rope which braided by the world’s strongest UNMWPE silk with polyurethane finish.
We produce the synthetic winch rope for even ten years.
We know more about this kind of rope than anyone in the world.

Why use synthetic winch rope to replace the wire rope?
Wire cables on your winch will fray, kink and get impossibly tangled on your winch drum. These cables are extremely dangerous, and not just to your hands. Wire cables retain a great deal of energy and a cable that snaps under load becomes a high speed knife with an unpredictable path. Synthetic winch rope, however, will not kink or tangle and retains very little energy. If you cut our synthetic winch rope while it is under load it simply falls to the ground.

What is the technical datasheet of the synthetic winch rope:
Specific Gravity:0.975
UV-Resistance:Very Good
Abrasion Resistance:Very good
Chemical Resistance:Very Good
Melting Point:-200℃-75℃

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