Automatic Biomass Pellet Burner 4800000kcal

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Type Biomass Pellet Burner
1. Low pollution-free ring: because the material uses renewable material particles, realize the sustainable use of energy.Combustion technology and low-temperature section, NOX in flue gas and SO2, dust and other emissions to a minimum.
2. When using fuel: sawdust particles biomass fuels .
3. Low combustion efficiency: boiling type half gasification combustion and the tangent of swirling air distribution design, makes the combustion machine complete combustion, combustion efficiency can reach above 90%.
4. Low combustion security and stability: equipment working in micro pressure condition, tempering and the fire occur.
5. Low heat load adjusting range: equipment heat load can be in the range of 30% ~ 120% rated load adjustment, sensitive starting.
6. Low tar, waste water and waste emissions: because the high temperature gas combustion technology directly, such as tar directly in the form of gas burning, solved the biomass gasification tar con

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