wood pellet production line

wood pellet production line

Wood Pellet Making line

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Wood Pellet Making line description:
wood pellet machine/rice husk pellet machine/straw pellet machine/Wood Pellet Making line
Our Efficient Centrifugal Wood Pellet Making line is our special designed pellet mill for making hard wood, rice husk and other less sticky materials into pellets.
Wood Pellet Making line range:
XGJ Wood Pellet Making line is applied to wood chips, sawdust, corn stalk, wheat straw, rice husk, paper, plastic and so on materials. They can make pellets without any bond because of the high pressure created between the rollers and the die.
Wood Pellet Making line pellet size:
The pellet diameter made by our pellet press can be 4-12mm by changing the different hole size dies.
Wood Pellet Making line advantages :
The pellet density made by our pellet press is Compar with normal pellet making equipment , our efficient centrifugal Wood Pellet Making line has the following detailed advantages:
1. The wood pellet machine has vertical die, feeding vertically. No a

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