Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Product ID: YD-DCJ

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Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine Manufacturer Zhenlihua Supplies Jacquard Knitting Machine, Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine.
Diameter: 30" - 38"
Gauge: 12G - 24G
Feeder: 54F - 84F
Motor Capacity: 5.5KW
Applied Fabrics:
A great number of designed pattern jacquard fabric, Jacquard elastic cloth, double mesh, Jacquard Terry Fabric.
1, Equipped with the advanced three - way technique computerized needle select subsystem on cylinder, the knitting function will be changed simply and quickly.
2, Micro-computer instructions with hard memory device, Power failure protection and pattern change easily.
3, Friendly designed electronic LCD digital easy touch control panel.
4, Less needle loss and higher rotating speed with new developed Cam subsystem.
5, Trouble free to reposition the yarn carriers with External Diagonal Stitch Cam Adjustment subsystem.
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