Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

Product ID: YD-SCJ

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High performance single jersey computerized jacquard knitting machine with great needle selection system, cam system, more stable, easy operation & repair.
Type: Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine.
Component: Cylinder, 3 way actuator.
Stich: Knitting stitch, Tuck stitch, Miss stitch.
Technology: Computer system, Japan WAC computer needle selection system, Cam system.
Diameter: 30 – 38 Inch.
Gauge: 12 - 28 G.
Feeder: 54 - 84 F.
Speed: 12 - 18 RPM.
Motor Capacity: 5.5 KW.

1. The Jacquard machine selects needle in cylinder by using 3 ways actuator, which can make knitting stitch, tuck stitch, and miss stitch. Any complex fabric structure and patterns are converted into control procedures through the computer system, and save into disk input control system, saving the time of pattern changing.
2. The use of advanced Japan WAC computer needle selection system will keep the knitting machine more stable, easy to operate and repair.
3. Cam system which is special

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