High Speed 3-Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

Product ID: YD-SJF

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China Fleece Circular Knitting Machine Manufacturer Zhenlihua supplies single High Speed 3-Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine for fleece knitting.

Diameter: 11\ ~ 44\
Gauge: 12G ~ 42G
Feeder: 33F ~ 132F (3 f.p.i)
66F ~ 264F (6 f.p.i)
Applied Fabrics:
3 thread fleece, 2 thread fleece, Polar fleece, Coral fleece, Fish scale, Twill and France fleece cloth. Yarn plush length adjustable. For high-class womens wear, sports suits, pajamas, cold-proof clothing, etc.
1, Multi-purpose function by alternating a few parts available.
2, High fabric output equipped with high speed motor and large diameter cylinder.
3, Stable fabric performance guaranteed by famous inverter.
4, Long life because of premium quality cylinder steel
5, Easy installed & changed by special designed system.
This article was written by Jeawin of The Zhenlihua, a leading china circular knitting machine manufacturer, supplier & exporter.

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