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CIP system is locally known as in situ cleaning system, referring to CIP, also known as cleaning position or positional cleaning (cleaning in place).
Cleaning in place means notopen or move device, which is, using cleaning fluid which is high temperatureand high concentration to impose force on device equipment, thus cleaning thecontacting surfaces. It is suitable for cleaning and purity of production devicewhich is high demand to sanitary level.

Itis widely used in food beverage production enterprises which are highmechanical degree such as
beverage, dairy, fruit juice,wine and so on.
CIP cleaning system hascharacteristics such as economic operation, low cost, compact structure, smallarea, simple installation and maintenance. It can in-place clean the containersand pipes and other production device effectively. The entire cleaning processare processed in confined equipment (tank containers and pipeline), thusgreatly reducing the chance of secondary contamination.

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