ZPSG Dry-type rectifier transformers

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Dry-type rectifier transformers are a kind of devices specially providing multiphase rectifier power supply for MV and HV frequency converter.
At present, the Large-capacity high-voltage level inverter has been used to any appreciable extent with the rapid development for high-voltage variable frequency control technology.
Adoption the speed control of Dry-type rectifier transformers can reduce energy consumption and production costs.
Our successfully company developed a series of multi-phase based on many years of Dry-type rectifier transformers production and design technology. This kind products have been used in national key project.
Adopt the principle of phase shift of triangle and by the secondary winding of several different phase shift angles. They can form the rectifier transformers; the equivalent phase number is 9-phase, 12-phase, 15-phase, 18-phase, 24-phase and 27-phase etc.
HV side directly of transformer connected into the high-voltage g
  • ISO 9001

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