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Do you most unbearable in hot summer? Are you going crazy when you are outdoor in the summer? Do you want to get the chill feeling just like as air-con but you are outdoor in 40C ? Coldfront 26 can help you.

Coldfront 26 is the worlds smallest, hand-held, touch switch control misting fan. It is an ergonomic DC fan with an innovative streamline design. Traditional portable fan is not able to cool you down as it deliver you hot air actually. Now we have solution, Coldfront 26 give you miracle chill feeling in hot summer. It include a misting device and a DC fan. Misting device supply tiny mist and it absorb the heat energy finally it was blow out by strong wind. That is the miracle chill feeling performed. Coldfront 26 is not only a fan, it can be also a personal humidifier.

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