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Seamless taper oxygen lance (it is called taper oxygen lance for short) is one kind of new technology, and represents new breakthrough in the field of oxygen lance industry. Advantages of seamless taper oxygen lance are as followed:

1. There is no welding seam in the taper pipe with high safety coefficient

2. Taper degree of taper pipe is enlarged to cause slag to fall off automatically.

3. Storage of cooling water is increased in the heat radiation zone of lance body, and cooling performance is improved.
4. Middle pipe is also designed as taper shape in order to guarantee water-cooled flow rate.
5. Straight part is designed at the top of taper pipe to guarantee slag release smoothly.
6. Replacement frequency of outer pipe of taper oxygen lance, labor intensity of steelworker and steelmaking production cost are reduced.
7. Slag charge loss is reduced, and cost is saved
  • ISO9001

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