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Electronic parts

Brass, Bronze, Copper Connector

Product ID: Brass Connector

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Test equipment: equipped with 2.5D image measuring instrument, high resolution projector, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, microscope, and all required pin gauges. Machining machine: Japan CITIZEN CNC lathes computer, Swiss type CNC Lathe , Turret type CNC Lathe, CNC precision milling machine.
All the parts are not in stock. We manufacture are non-standardized and customer specified products.
A drawing or CAD is necessary for quotation.
Equipped advanced technology with competitive price.
Excellent R&D team and rich-experience production workers and strict quality control for incoming, in-process, and before shipment.
Machining accuracy: Swiss Type CNC Lathe 0.01 mm, Automatic lathes 0.05 mm.

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