pop up socket

pop up socket

Desktop socket with USB charge, pop up socket

Product ID: Destkop socket

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UVO Electric make all type of Pop Up Socket.& Desktop Socket. It could used for Kitchen, office, bedroom, living room etc. Besides, we can also supply the pop up socket&desktop Socket with USB charge. And now we offer 3 ways, 4 ways, 5 ways, 6ways pop up socket&desktop socket

1, USB Power charge: product with USB interface for mobile phone charging power.
2, Cable management: all cables are passed through at the bottom to keep table tidy
3, Cable Plug: with 1.0~1.2 m calbes, all with male connectors for using.
4, safe design: about 3mm higher than table to prevect water from going inside.
5, Easy operation: press the panel to pull socket out within 3 seconds
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