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Why choice DPL UV-Curing System ?
Are you still headache about the bad smell from your UV curing system which damage your packaging?

Or try to invest lot of money for put a Nitrogen systen into your UV curing system.

Welcome to DPL -- WE Provide intelligent solution for your problems.

Nitrogen solution- DPL lamp house has Nitrogen inlet and outlet, you can easy connect Nitrogen gas for enhancing UV curing effiency and remove Ozone smell.

COLD UV Curing

Every one know that, normal UV curing temp is over 1000c dgree because more 60% outlet of UV lamp are IR light.

DPL UV lamp house use our patent technology on reflation, remove 70-80% IR energy. When UV light through DPL lamp house, the printing surface temp is only 5-10c higher than environment temp.

Many UV curing system supplier told you that, "our lamp power is 160w/cm,180w/cm, 200w/cm, or 240w/cm.....“, My dear friend, but they will not happy to answer you that how much is the UV energ

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