Gravity roller,Free roller,roller

Gravity roller,Free roller,roller

Gravity roller

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Gravity Roller—(DP1400)

1.Steel bearing housing, precision bearing, sturdy and durable
2.Many options of diameter, wide range of load capacity
3.Could apply in high speed and conditions of -10~80℃

1. The precision ball bearing is fixed by impact in the steel housing, tight and durable.
2. Tight steel bearing unit could bear more axial force than plastic bearing unit.
3. Make it possible for the roller to work in the high or low temperature beyond the plastic part bear (e. G. Oven or cold storage)
4. Complete series of diameter, wide range of load capacity.
5. Compared with DP1200 series with polymer bearing unit, its noise is a bit louder.
6. Operation temperature: -10~+80℃.
  • ISO9001

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