Taper roller,Tapered Sleeve Roller

Taper roller,Tapered Sleeve Roller

Taper roller

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Polymer Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Roller—DP2523

1.Light weight, easy start-up
2.Beautiful and quiet running
3.Polymer sprocket, suitable for middle convey


1. Based on the DP2201/2211, covered with polypropylene (PP) tapered sleeve, abrasion resistance, low noise, shockproof, not influenced by change of temperature and climate.
2. Light weight, easy start-up.
3. Adopt sprocket made of polyamide (popularly named Polymer Sprocket) as the driving element, the running noise is greatly lowed down compared with steel sprocket.
4. Precision ball bearing polymer bearing housing, end cap form the bearing unit which is very important, it is not only for good looking but also further more for the smooth and quiet running.
5. The covering of the end of roller, well dust proof and water splash proof in operation environment.
6. Operation temperature: -5~+40° C.
  • ISO9001

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