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DX5 Printhead is a leader in sales of large-format ink-jet technology. Years of experience in the field of ink jet printing allows you to compete at a high level with large suppliers of consumables and large-format equipment. In addition to reducing the cost of printing the company's website presents alternative supplies, which cost several times lower print quality remains at a high level. We also have qualified technical support and service center, so that buying equipment and supplies are you sure you will be satisfied.Representative of our company is present in all regions of Indonesia. Such a status we have achieved thanks to the widest possible range, reasonable pricing and excellent service.
We can help you choose, we will not give bored!

Our task is not only to simply sell the right product, but also to inform and educate the buyer. To do this, we remove the overview videos of "hot" new products, preparing news. Armed with comprehensive information about an interesting product and its main competitor, you will be able to make an informed buying decision is the commodity you need.

Our website is visited by an average of more than 800 000 unique visitors per day, and this number continues to grow. Not stopping there, we continue to build momentum, striving to become the best in the country portal on wide format printer supplies - a place where you can choose and buy any technique - conscious, inexpensive and convenient.

Only certified Parts

All items in our store are accompanied by a guarantee.
Proof of the guarantee is a guarantee trademark.

We value our reputation and therefore does not knowingly sell illegal goods or informal without warranty and service support in your country. In the end, the purchase of products of dubious origin gives a headache for the seller and for the buyer.

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