ER-306 & ER-307 OEM Modules

Product ID: ER-306 & ER-307

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Main features
• Uses GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou; Galileo and QZSS ready
• 372 Channels
• Long-range RTK baselines
• Compatible with ROX, RTCM, CMR, CMR+ RTK Sources
• Fewer cold starts with Head Start
• Pin compatible with many Hemisphere and other manufacturer’s modules

ER-306 and ER-307
Position with RTK accuracy using multiple satellite systems, ER-306 and ER-307 OEM modules use GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou and Galileo and QZSS are ready. Track more signals for unparalleled positioning performance even in challenging environments.
Leverage the compact size and easy integration in your design. The 34 pin ER-306 module is a drop-in upgrade for many products. ER-307 is a drop-in upgrade for existing designs using standard 20 pin modules from other manufacturers.

Scalable Eclipse RTK Solutions
With the Eclipse ER-306 and ER-307, RTK performance is scalable. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either single frequency mode, or employ the full performance and fast RTK over

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