ER-680 BD high-precision storage type receiver

Product ID: ER-680

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ER-680 new design support BD, GPS and GLONASS system eight frequency high precision reference station receiver type products, the embedded Linux operating system based on the receiver uses our company has completely independent intellectual property rights system of multi frequency high performance SOC chip a NebulasTM.

It supports the development of secondary; built-in storage can accommodate a month of continuous observation data, the 10000mah smart lithium battery, with friendly human-computer interaction, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G WCDMA data module. Also it can easily realize PC or PDA access operation to the host ER-680, strong anti-interference ability, high stability, meet the needs of base station unattended operation. It is widely applied in surveying and mapping, meteorology, earthquake, displacement monitoring, scientific research and other high precision positioning applications.

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