Holograms Labels

Holograms Labels


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Hologram Labels are the most effective and commonly used product for Brand Authentication, and Brand Promotion. Since this holographic technology is in label form it can be used on any product or commodity. Holograms are very easy to apply and use – Just remove and Paste.

Eye-catching and creative appeal of Everest holograms gives your brand a distinctive decorative edge over competitors, while being totally secure and out of reach of the counterfeiters.
Used as self-adhesive labels on branded products for authentication & security by both overt & covert features.
Easy & speedy application makes it widely used across industries.
Customized design self Adhesive tamper evident labels with Multiple security features make them really Fool Proof.
Most apt choice for authentication & security of branded products and valuable documents.
The unique holographic technology provides the scope of incorporating multiple security features to enhance the protection & visual appeal of the seal
  • ISO Certified

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