asbestos shingles production line

asbestos shingles production line

asbestos shingles production line

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Asbestos shingles production line

Asbestos shingles and calcium silicate board are the most popular building materials worldwide. It has been many years since their development and production. As lightweight roofing materials, they share a big market. Fireproof, dampproof, corrosion prevention, heat preservation, heat resistant, cold resistant, sound insulation, electricity insulation. Used as roofing sheets, they could cover smoothly, connect closely. Service life is more than 30 years.

Asbestos cement products are made of Portland cement, asbestos fiber, alkali-free glass silk and pulp, etc. Simple production process, low labor density, easily available raw material makes it an opportunity for rural surplus labor forces, laid-off workers.

Our factory uses the international latest technology to produce fiber cement corrugated sheet. According to national standard, our asbestos shingles production line is categorized into big wave machine, medium wave machine, small wave mac
  • ISO9001

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