50W UFO LED Plant Lamp

Product ID: F-Grow UFO-50W-175

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Product Description
50W UFO LED Plant Lamp

Product Description
1. The default light ration of 50W UFO LED grow light is Yellow(580nm)*2, Orange(610nm)*2, Red(630nm)*15, Red(660nm)*15, Blue(430)*2, Blue(460)*8, White(12000K)*2, White(3500K)*2, UV(410nm)*1, IR(730nm)*1.
2. The lamp shell is made of metal, after the lacquer that bake process forming, shell color has black and white for choice.
3. 50W led plant lamp as the fill light for plants that includes 50pcs 1W leds.
4. Built-in 1pcs fan to reduce heat dissipation problem while working, can effectively reduce the product guarantee to normal use of time.
5. LED wavelength can be specified by customers, kindly suggest that the red light wavelengths using 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue light wavelength using 450-460nm and 460-470nm. Red light promotes plants germination and flowering, blue light promotes plants growth, you can choose more suitable wavelength and light ratio to promote the growth of plants.
6. Using high qualit
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • CCC
  • CE
  • EMC
  • LVD
  • RoHS
  • FCC
  • SAA
  • TUV

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