green aluminum alloy efficient grinder

green aluminum alloy efficient grinder


Product ID: Nut Butter Grinder

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Production: 100 percent natural, fresh, original, and flavorful butter, jam, and paste.

Features: paste in low temperature, grinding in fast speed, easy to clean, no supplies, grinding without adding oil.

It can grind: peanut paste, sesame paste, cashew paste, apricot kernel paste, pine nuts paste, macadamia nuts paste, walnut paste, pumpkin seeds paste, sunflower seeds paste, cocoa paste, Miso paste, fillings, dried fruit paste, bean paste)

Place to use: supermarket, hypermarket, wholesale store, DIY, organic food store, agricultural products store, bakery, coffee shop, ice store, cake store, filling industry, hotel, vegetarian restaurant, noodles store, family DIY, Food researcher and development

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