Magnetic Float Level Switch

Magnetic Float Level Switch

Magnetic Float Level Switch

Product ID: Magnetic Float Level

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1. Switching Volts: 250 VAC
2. Switching Current: 0.7~2A
3. Contact: NO / NC
4. Max. Pressure: 30 kg/cm² SUS / 5 kg/cm² PVC, PVDF, PP
5. Max. Length: 5 M
6. Temperature Range: 120° C SUS, PVDF / 80 ° C PP, PVC
7...Body Material: SUS304 / SUS316
8. Connection: Flange / Thread

A magnetic float moves up and down on probe immersed in a liquid. The float energizes the hermitically sealed sensors, which change from NO to NC or otherwise as the float - passes them.

Magnetic Float Level Switch is flexible to produce 1-6 float points as per demand, so it has cost advantage comparing with other types of level switch. Multi-point float switch is widely used in level control and alarm of all kinds of industry such as Oil, chemical, water treatment, water supply, drainage, dyeing, machinery etc.

High-temperature liquids, heat medium boiler, cooling water tank. Only need one float to control ON, OFF. Plastic materials include PP. It can be used for acid-ba

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