Angled Board Table Office Furniture Conference Table Melamine Laminate

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Product Name: Angled boardroom table
A truly fresh and unique approach to board room and meeting table design and functionality. 
Dimension: 2100*1200*725 / 2800*1200*725
Color: Parchment
Material: E1 or E0 boards as your request
Packing: Flat Pack
Lead time: 30 days 

- Full vertical integration  for  Total quality control
- FSC approved plantations  for Sustainable Production
- E1 or E0 formaldehyde boards for Environmental compliance
- Unique designs for Differentiated ranges
25mm / 18mm  E0/E1 particle boards only for Office Furniture.
We have a total range of standard desks and pride ourselves on designing products to your specifications.
Please have no hesitation in contacting me for any further information.

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