hunan forhome composite materials co. ltd
We offer a wide range of clad plates at competitive prices within reasonable delivery time; typically wear plate, corrosion resistant plate, aluminum steel transition joint and electrical transition joint (anode-cathode blocks), cryogenic transition joints.

Our core technique is explosive cladding/ explosion welding, which is the bonding of two or more dissimilar metals with the aid of explosives. Explosive clad plates are widely used in industries of chemical & petrochemical, shipbuilding, electrical.

Here lists three reasons why I recommend our explosive cladding products:
1. Save rare metals and cost effectively: thin layer of expensive material cladded on a thicker layer of cheap material.
2. Make dissimilar metal combinations possible which are conventional impossible to weld while original metal properties maintain and joint/ bond stronger than the weakest material.
3. Realize metallurgical connection between dissimilar metals. Metallurgical bonding ensures no distributed transverse crack.

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