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Feed Grade Dicalcium Phosphate

Product ID: feed garde DCP 17%P

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Commodity Name: Feed Grade Dicalcium Phosphate
Standard: GB/T22549-2008
Molecular Formula: CaHPO4.2H2O
Molecular Weight: 172.09
Appearance:White crystal powder(powder),
White granular(granular)
Property: It can be easily dissolved in acid,
low soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.
Usage: Used to supply mineral nutrition such
as phosphorus and calcium. The element of
calcium and phosphate is called life chemical element for animal. It is important to the animals movement, digestion, circulation, the nervous system, metabolism ... etc.
Package:Knitted plastic bags with a packing of polyethylene plastic bag inside, ton big bags(1000kg/1200kg/1250kg) or 50kg bags and 25kg bags are all available.
Transport: When transported, rain water and the exposure to strong sunlight should be avoided.
Storage: kept in a cool, ventilative and dry place in original closed packing. The mixed storage and transport with other poisonous substance are forbidden.
powder size(pass 0.5mm):

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