Cove Cornice

Cove Cornice

Cove Cornice

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Product Information:
Material: special grade of gypsum

Whiteness: >90 degree

Breaking strength: 2.7MPa/2 hours

1.Various patterns available
2.Good quality and best price
3.Fireproofing, dampproof ,mildewproof, mothproofing, soundproof,
high strength, easy cutting,easy installation


a)The paper cornice is our company new product, we also have got the certificate of patent for paper cornice already.

b)We made the high technology equipments to produce the paper cornice, every minute is 9 meter production quantity.

c)Our paper cornice are produced the machine, they are very standard that most error is ±1mm.

d)We can do 3.6m/4.2m/4.8m/5.2m/5.4m length,the longest paper corncie length is can put it up from the middle for one length 5.4m paper cornice, it still dont broken. Every piece paper cornice all have the firbre glass cloth.

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