Textured Soya Protein GAP TEX 100

Textured Soya Protein GAP TEX 100

Textured Soy Protein (TSP)

Product ID: GAP TEX 100

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Product obtained by grinding, classification and subsequent extruded of clean, healthy, degreased soy seeds (Glycine max (L) Merrill).
This product, all natural, made with 100% soy, by their physicochemical characteristics achieved in the texturing process, achieving a molecular conformation of proteins similar to animal muscle, fibrous, with molecules aligned, is a perfect flesh substitute.
The main use is as a flesh substitute on burgers, fresh sausages and other meats, as well as for filling pies, ravioli and other pasta preparation. Substitute beef, pork, chicken or fish.
Prior to use or during manufacturing sausages or pastes, it moistens with three and a half to three times its weight in water, meaning that each texturing Kg yields four out four and half kg
For its grinding this product moisturizes quickly.
  • Halal
  • GMP

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