3.6V 2000mAh SC rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack for flashlight

Product ID: Ni-Cd battery pack

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Flashlights 3.6v 2000mAh SC NiCd rechargeable battery pack 2C~3C discharge rate

Feature of Ni-Cd Dison Battery

1. Cylindrical rechargeable battery

2. Long shelf life, long cycle life

3. High-rate charging

4. Wide-Temperature Range

5. Reliable self-resealing vent

6. CE, ISO, UL, RoHS etc certificate

7. High Capacity, low inner resistance

8. Fast Charge availiable, good appearance (excellent rapid charge performance)

9. Long storage and low leakage

10. Extra long lasting power

Applications of Ni-Cd battery

1. Emergency light, sign lights, emergency lighting, fire alarm system etc,

2. Solar street lamps, lawn lamp, highlight flashlight, police electric batons,

3. High temperature environment instrumentation, portable instrument, etc.

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