C9 petroleum resin (Hydrcarbon Resin)

Product ID: HITACK GL-120

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HITACK GL-120 is a low molecular weight thermoplastic aromatic resin obtained from petroleum- derived monomers. It is odor improved grade with low odor and low VOC, good compatibility with other resins and polymers. This grade is mainly used in adhesives, esp. EVA based Hot Melt Adhesives.
Key Characteristics:
·Good compatibility with EVA,SBS
Mutual solubility
·Good thermal resistance
·Low VOC and low odor
·Water resistance
, Insulation and excellent chemical stability.
Hot Melt Adhesive, Shoes Adhesive, PSA, Industrial Paints, Coating and Rubber application

GL-120 is available in 25kgs paper bag or 500kgs/1000kgs in bulk bag.
  • ISO GB

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