GSM SMS Air-Conditioner Controller

Product ID: RTU5014

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The GSM Air-Conditioner controller RTU5014 is special for remote management the onsite air-conditioner, the user can switch on, adjust the mode or program it via SMS.Also, it can setup higher/lower temperature automatically start the Air-Conditioner to properly mode.Moreover, it supports nobody onsite automatically switch off air-conditioner to save energy.

1. Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limitation, No call charges for inquiry.
2. Multiple applications. (temperature monitoring, intelligent air-conditioner management);
3. 6 authorized phone numbers, each number can be used to receive call or SMS or both;
4. Professional air-conditioner IR Encoder with compatible of almost all of the brand air-conditioners;
5. 1 human movement detector, if no-body movement in the room then will turn off the air-conditioner automatically. It is useful for saving power consumption in public rooms;
6. 1 Temperature Sensor inbuilt, can setup high and low temperature alarm threshold val

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